Angela Gutierrez Weight-Loss Update: New Pictures Show Major Changes After ‘My 600-LB Life’ Appearance


Angela Gutierrez came to My 600-LB Life in need of some massive life changes and significant weight loss, and it appears she may have found both.

The morbidly obese Ohio woman had an unhealthy addiction to food on top of some major health impediments including multiple sclerosis, and was hoping that her appearance on the TLC docu-series and a visit with famed bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan would move her in the right direction. Angela had the added difficulty of making the trip to Houston to see Dr. Now without the help of her family, instead calling on an ex-boyfriend to accompany her, the network shared in a preview of the episode.

The journey to Houston was difficult for Angela as well, a YouTube preview posted by Monsters and Critics showed, with Angela facing difficulty walking and a hotel room that was supposed to be handicapped accessible but was not. She then had to adopt to a weight-loss regiment that was incredibly strict, as Dr. Now is famous for instituting very calorie-restricted diets on his patients.

But it appears that Angela Gutierrez was able to find some major weight loss during her time filming My 600-LB Life. Despite the medical obstacles she faced and the troubles in simply reaching Houston, Angela appears to have lost some significant weight after the show ended. Though Angela hasn’t said exactly how much weight she has lost, her Facebook page shows off some of the progress and a noticeably slimmer figure for the Ohio woman.

Angela was able to make the progress even without remaining in Houston. During this season of the TLC series, many of the participants have decided to put down roots in Houston so they can be close to Dr. Now and continue their weight-loss progress with him directly. That has led to some amazing transformations, even more than subjects who returned home in previous seasons had seen.

The fact that Angela was able to lose weight while still appearing to return home to Ohio seems significant. And it is not just weight loss — her social media page shows off a much more positive disposition and plenty of supportive comments from her friends and family.

Those who want to see more from Angela Gutierrez and her progress after My 600-LB Life can keep an eye on the show’s official page, where updates on subjects are regularly posted. They can also watch her Facebook page for more updates directly from Angela.