Model Demi Rose Shows Ample Amounts Of Cleavage As She Spills Out Of Skimpy Grey Sports Bra In Sultry Video

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Demi Rose definitely knows how to get her fans talking on social media. The brown-haired beauty is no stranger to showing off her amazing figure for her 8-million-plus followers and she has been doing a lot of that this week. Whether she’s rocking a skimpy little bikini or a crop top and leggings, there’s pretty much nothing that she doesn’t look stunning in.

Today on her Instagram stories, Demi was at it again only this time she showed off her amazing figure after an early morning workout. In the short little video, Demi lets fans know that she just finished a hot yoga session and she definitely worked hard when she was there.

As Demi holds up her phone, she takes a video of her rocking post-workout body. In the snippet, Rose shows off a ton of cleavage while spilling out of her little grey Nike sports bra. She also gives fans a sneak peak of her abs and rocks a pair of tight black leggings on the bottom.

For a second, Rose gives fans a glimpse of her face, which is covered in perspiration. The stunner wears her hair slicked back in a ponytail and even after an intense workout, she still looks flawless. Another little video post from her story also shows off Demi’s signature cleavage in a black crop top with a metal clasp in the middle.

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Sun kissed ☀️

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Once again, her abs are on display as she undergoes an emsculpt session which she says is equal to 2,000 sit ups. Like the prior video, she wears her hair slicked back to a low ponytail and wears minimal makeup with a subtle lip gloss and mascara. After her stomach session, she tells followers that she also got sculpting done on her glutes to help with muscle tone.

Then, in her last video on her story, she shows her little curly dog who is in a bit of trouble. According to Demi, the pooch keeps going into her laundry basket, taking out her underwear, and chewing it up. She then shared a screenshot that explains why dogs munch on underwear.

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Being a tourist ????

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“Unfortunately, dogs are prone to go for items like socks and underwear because it carries the strongest marker of their owner’s scent,” the post reads. “Without going into too much detail about scent glands and where they’re found, your animal is likely smelling your pheromones on your clothes – that, in turn, they see as a good thing.”

The silly story then ends with a close-up of the pup sitting on the bed and Demi telling her that her behavior is “unacceptable.”