What Prince William Could Learn From The Cheating Scandal Of His Parents

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Now that the first infidelity rumor is dogging Prince William, it would surely be helpful to have his mother Princess Diana around to give him some perspective about what she could have, should have and would have done when for years it was rumored her husband, Prince Charles, was cheating on her with his current wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Cheat Sheet pondered this question of “what if” Princess Diana was still around on a daily basis to advise her sons in reference to marriage? They believe she would certainly be leery about history repeating itself, and with the recent rumors about Prince William and a flirtation with one of Kate Middleton’s friends, it’s hard not to think that she would want to weigh in.

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Princess Diana was bombarded with stories in magazines about Prince Charles in reference to cheating, particularly with his former girlfriend, Camilla. It’s not hard to imagine that with a bit of perspective and the internet, Princess Diana and Prince Charles would have handled their marriage and its dissolution differently.

But even though Princess Diana is gone, her voice and her legacy are obviously still with Princes William and Harry, affecting the way they handle their interpersonal relationships.

When the rumors about a rift between Kate Middleton and her friend, Rose Hanbury surfaced in the media, Prince William got involved and threatened legal action, having lawyers send cease and desist letters to outlets who were covering the matter, says The Inquisitr.

Cheat Sheet says that if Prince William’s mother could advise him at this time, they think she would tell him to hire the best PR firm he can find, the way his brother, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have.

“There isn’t any doubt Diana would rally to William’s defense if it turns out the affair has legs. She’d also likely give him advice on how to handle the PR, something he might have trouble with since he doesn’t have an A-list PR fixer like Harry and Meghan now have.”

Princess Diana had difficulty, particularly with the tabloids, and anything or anyone that could have helped her herd the press would have been welcome. The Princess of Wales also preferred transparency, and would perhaps tell her son to come clean if there was anything to say, or staunchly deny it if there isn’t, and stand by the side of his wife throughout the crisis, as there are likely more to come.