Bikini Model Nicki Andrea Shakes Cleavage In Itsy-Bitsy Instagram Video

Nicki AndreaInstagram

Instagram may be ruled by the Kardashian-Jenners, but they might want to watch their backs. Little-known models are racking up the followers like nobody’s business – on April 10, 2019, one, in particular, is drawing attention.

Nicki Andrea is the Miami-based Instagram sensation whose popularity is on the rise. Her 383,000 followers include fellow models Hannah Palmer and Bianca Ghezzi (although her fans are likely mostly male).

Nicki’s April 10 update comes as an eye-popping video. Wearing nothing but a string bikini, Nicki is seen giving fans a cheeky, cleavage-flaunting shake as she mouths along to a background song. The bikini is nothing short of minimal. It is, however, mentioned in Nicki’s caption as her “fav.” The white and red-embossed swimwear appears to be a shout-out to Color Super. The clothing line mostly seems to sell athleisure wear, but they’ve chosen a great ambassador for their bikini section.

Nicki’s cleavage takes center stage, although the entirety of this model’s sensational curves is on show. Likewise attractive is her long hair – Nicki is seen preening herself in the video. Fan comments appear to be digging the whole thing.

“i swear u just get finer”

One clearly comes with an already-high opinion of Nicki. Another gave the bikini a mention before complimenting Andrea’s hips.

The April 10 post comes five days after The Inquisitr reported Andrea taking to Instagram for a sun-drenched video with an ocean setting. Once again, Nicki’s cleavage was on show.

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@fashionnova My zipper is stuck... but make it hot

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Nicki is clearly a fan of the open water. A separate Instagram post on April 4 once again shows this beauty amid lapping waves and natural rocks.

Instagram models have unleashed a trend of late. They typically come highly contoured and glammed up. Concerns over digital altering are now commonplace. For Nicki though, there’s a natural vibe. This girl’s hair appears void of extensions. Her makeup is minimal. Despite West Hollywood, California, geotags on her posts, Nicki doesn’t appear to have succumbed to Hollywood pressure. The natural aspect here may well be contributing towards her popularity.

Nicki does, however, follow the industry’s elite. Her Instagram account follows Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid. While Nicki has yet to reach a following remotely close to the aforementioned celebrities, she isn’t doing badly for herself.

Nicki’s previous posts also suggest that she’s a fan of music festival Coachella. She also references morning gym sessions. Clearly, this girl was built for the Californian lifestyle. As of April 10 though, fans don’t seem too fussed about where Nicki is located.