LANCO Received The News Of Their ACM Win From Carrie Underwood

Ethan MillerGetty Images

American country band LANCO were voted the Academy of Country Musics’ new group of the year, and the band had the honor of receiving the news from none other than Carrie Underwood. As CMT reports, the group received the call on March 25, and claim that the career-defining moment is still fresh in their minds.

Frontman Brandon Lancaster spoke to reporters backstage during the ACM Awards about the call.

“In the moment, we were literally speechless. We were playing a show that night. Our tour manager told us — totally lying — he’s like, ‘Hey, someone wants to interview you. Has some questions about the stuff for your band.’ We’re in the middle of soundcheck, and they put it on speaker phone and this girl goes, ‘Hey it’s Carrie… Underwood.’ And I’m still wondering why she’s interviewing us.”

When Underwood revealed the reason behind her call, Lancaster says he was shocked.

“And we really didn’t know what to say, we were already shocked at the fact that Carrie Underwood was calling us. And then to win an award?”

Although LANCO has been nominated at the ACMs before, this is the first time the group won an award. The band beat out High Valley and Runaway June, but claim that being in the running is an honor regardless of their win. The group has been together since 2015, and is comprised of Lancaster, Jared Hampton, Chandler Baldwin, Eric Steedly, and Tripp Howell.

Lancaster claims that Nashville has always been friendly to the band, but the award was a step up from the kind of appreciation that they are used to. He likened the win to being able to sit at the grownups table after being a part of a family for a long time.

Lancaster is the frontman of LANCO — and the primary songwriter, although each member writes the band’s music. When the group first formed, Lancaster said he had lots of songs prepared but wasn’t interested in being a solo artist. He claims that the band are more than just their songs, and believes that the group itself is what creates the feeling of the music. The frontman married his high school sweetheart, Tiffany Trotter, back in 2017. All of his bandmates were groomsmen in the wedding party, per Heavy.

Per PopCulture, LANCO’s first big hit was “Greatest Love Story.” The song gained them mainstream recognition just a couple of years after their formation. They are currently preparing to release their upcoming sophomore album.