‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Jason Proposes A Plan, Anna Frets, & Maxie Faces Uncertainty With Peter

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital should be a big one. Spoilers detail that Kristina will face the next steps of her Dawn of Day ceremony, but Jason — and others close to her — are ready to make big moves to keep this from happening. Based on the sneak peek for the day, there is significant action on other fronts coming during this April 10 show, too.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show, shared via Twitter, reveals that Jason will propose a plan of sorts to Sam. He’s planning to head to the Dawn of Day house, and General Hospital spoilers tease that he’s going to be bold in what he does next. Jason says that he’s just going to get in there, grab Kristina, and get out.

Of course, things surely won’t be quite so simple for Jason when he gets to the Dawn of Day house. Jason, Sam, and Michael are incredibly concerned over Krissy’s wellbeing — given what they’ve learned over the past few hours — but just grabbing her probably isn’t a plan that can be easily executed.

The sneak peek also shares that Alexis and Sonny will address this worrisome situation. Alexis asked her therapist, Neil, how to handle this — and he encouraged her to hold back. However, Sonny also solicited Neil’s advice, and it became clear that Neil knows more about this situation than he had originally let on.

It’s not clear yet whether Sonny will tell Alexis about his conversation with the therapist. However, General Hospital spoilers do reveal that he’ll tell his ex that he thinks they have to just go get Kristina, despite any resistance she may put up.

Sonny will say they’ll deal with the rest later, and it sounds as if they come to an agreement on how to proceed. Considering the latest General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps, it seems that Alexis may ultimately act as if she knew nothing of this plan.

If that is how they handle this, the thinking is probably that this way, Kristina essentially has a safe place to turn. She may lean on her mom as she deals with her anger toward her father, Jason, and others. Soap Central notes that Jason will be springing into action, but at the DoD house, Shiloh and Harmony are ready to drug Kristina and get her up to the attic.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the chaos will probably carry over into Thursday’s episode. As for what else viewers will see on Wednesday, it seems that Maxie and Peter will have an awkward moment at her doorstep. She planted a couple of kisses on him after they admitted their feelings for one another — but now, what do they do next?

In addition, Anna is becoming obsessed with her worries over the transplanted memory situation. Finn was ready to propose marriage, but got interrupted, and now Anna can’t focus on anything but this Alex problem. She’ll talk about perhaps misreading an entire relationship, and it looks like Finn may think she’s referring to their romance. However, it seems likely that this is about Alex.

Will Jason’s plan be successful? Can Maxie and Peter move forward in this romance without too much awkwardness? Will Anna learn that either Peter or Robin are actually Alex’s biological children, rather than hers? General Hospital spoilers hint that big twists and turns are coming, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action ahead.