‘Southern Charm’s’ Thomas Ravenel’s Lawyer Deposes Nanny’s Family In Custody Case

Paul CheneyBravoTV

The Southern Charm behind-the-scenes drama continues for former cast member Thomas Ravenel in his legal conflicts with his ex, Kathryn Dennis, and the family’s former baby nurse, Nanny Dawn, who has accused Ravenel of sexual assault.

Last week, Kelley Andrews, Ravenel’s lawyer in the custody matter with Dennis, deposed two members of the nanny’s immediate family, reportedly about matters other than the Ravenel children, says FitsNews. Andrews, who has replaced her mother, Charlie Andrews, in this matter, reportedly asked the nanny’s husband about racy texts sent back and forth between husband and wife when the two were living in different states.

Then, Andrews had Nanny Dawn’s husband read the adult content texts aloud for the other lawyers and the court reporter in the room for the deposition, much to his embarrassment. A source connected to the case suggested that Ravenel’s lawyer strayed from matters concerning custody of the children in order to humiliate Nanny Dawn, who has accused the former politician of sexual assault and will face him in court for that matter later in the year. The former Ravenel family nanny is suing the ex-reality star in civil court and has also pressed charges against him in criminal court.

“They made him read sexts for an hour. Between himself and Dawn.”

Will Folks, a journalist for FitsNews and a former political consultant to Ravenel, suggests that deposing the nanny’s husband and teen daughter in the custody case seems over the top.

“The line of questioning employed against [Dawn] Ledwell’s husband strikes us as over-the-top, out-of-bounds and a sign of Ravenel’s growing desperation. In addition to being part of an apparent fishing expedition, it also seems to be an attempt to intimidate — and humiliate — Ledwell and her husband.”

The source told Folks that Nanny Dawn and her family were not deterred or intimidated, just embarrassed.

But OK Magazine says that this isn’t the first time that Ravenel has been accused of overreaching in his custody case, as the ride-share company Uber has refused to turn over the account history for Kathryn Dennis associated with her current and past cellphone numbers.

In a response letter to Ravenel’s lawyer Kelley Andrews, a representative for Uber called the request “burdensome” and “overbroad.”

In the custody case, Ravenel also requested to depose representatives from NBC and Bravo, as well as cast member Patricia Altschul and Luzanne Otte, a former girlfriend of Ravenel’s who also has a legal matter pending against him, according to The Inquisitr.