Dwyane Wade Accidentally Stumbles Into Chrissy Teigen, John Legend During Final Miami Game

Michael ReavesGetty Images

Dwyane Wade’s final basketball game in Miami, Florida, before his retirement on Tuesday evening was filled with picture-perfect moments. Perhaps one of the best moments came when the 6-foot-4-inch shooting guard accidentally fell right on top of celebrity couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, soaking them in their own drinks. The stumble was perfectly captured by the Miami Herald and shared to social media, according to TooFab. Like clockwork, fans immediately ran wild with photo edits and memes.

Video footage from the evening obtained by MSN shows the basketball legend making a shot, only to be pushed by a player from the Philadelphia 76ers into Teigen and Legend, who were sitting courtside for the big game. The model’s and the musician’s drinks went flying, but the couple didn’t seem to mind. They burst out in laughter as Wade slowly got up, raised a hand to his mouth with a smile, and ran back onto the court.

Later that night, the Miami Herald shared their snapshot of the epic fall. The image showed Wade with his shooting arm raised and his eyes locked on the ball as he landed on Teigen and Legend. Meanwhile, the caught-off-guard parents of two looked totally crushed while their drinks filled the air above them.

“Hey @chrissyteigen, let us know if you want a copy of this one,” the publication wrote on Twitter.

Teigen quickly retweeted the hilarious photo and added that it looks like “a renaissance painting.”

In another tweet, a fan mentioned that Wade looked “so hype” to fall on the couple, and Teigen replied that it was “an honor.”

Legend shared his own update after the incident occurred, Entertainment Tonight reported. The “All of Me” singer recorded a video of himself and Teigen smiling with wet faces as they try to wipe the cocktails away.

“I still got my drink!” Legend triumphantly declared.

Fans took the Miami Herald‘s photo into their own hands to make a few hilarious jokes. One Twitter user even edited the image to look like an actual renaissance painting.

“‘The Last Beverage’ by Leonardo da Vinci,” someone replied.

Legend and Teigen were seated next to Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, who witnessed firsthand that Legend did not once drop his drink during the incident. She shared the iconic photo to Instagram and took note of the singer’s achievement.

“@johnlegend did not, I repeat, did not drop his drink. And this is why we are friends. Dinner’s on us in LA,” Union captioned the photo.

Wade will play his final game with the Miami Heat in Brooklyn, New York, against the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday, April 10.