Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Taut Abs Wearing A Bra & Skinny Jeans

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco got a little sexy on her Instagram account yesterday following an intense workout.

The Big Bang Theory star often delights her army of Instagram followers with a wide array of photos, including those featuring her pets, behind-the-scenes snaps of her hit show, and most notably some shots of her enviable body. Last night, the actress took to her Instagram account to share two scandalous photos to her Instagram Stories.

In one of the images, Cuoco takes a selfie in her mirror and leaves very little to the imagination while also giving a bit of a fashion show. In the snapshot, Kaley stands in her closet and rocks a pair of torn skinny jeans along with a low-cut Calvin Klein sports bra that shows off ample amounts of cleavage.

Also on display is the 33-year-old’s insane abs, which are a result of all of her hard work at the gym. To complete her look, Cuoco wears her hair slicked back in a low ponytail and puts one hand in her jeans pocket. To go along with the photo is a caption explaining it.

“Those workouts are so I can fit into my high waisted no stretch skinny jeans.”

She also added a few stickers to the snapshot, including one of Oprah Winfrey cheering, as well as a green sticker that just says “yup.” Prior to this image, Kaley took another selfie in her mirror, this time showing fans a glimpse of her toned back without a shirt after an intense workout.

In this particular photo, she also added a funny sticker that reads “everything hurts and I’m dying.” And just shortly before she posted the sexy photos on her story, Cuoco also shared a photo of her workout session. In the photo, the actress leans one arm on a blue pad and holds a big workout ball between her legs, while her stomach is suspended in the air.

In the workout chic look, the actress rocks a pair of long black workout leggings as well as a grey tank top. So far, the post has earned her a ton of attention with over 73,000 likes, in addition to 450-plus comments within just a short time of the post going live.

“Think she is, indeed, the plank queen,” one Instagram user commented.

“Your face says it all. Well done though I didn’t even try to go to the gym.”

“I feel like your bottom foot would be hurting a whole lot. Also, this is incredible,” another follower wrote.

The final season of The Big Bang Theory is currently airing on CBS.