Lisa Rinna's Husband Harry Hamlin Slams Lisa Vanderpump And Her Vanderpump Dogs 'Agenda'

Harry Hamlin is in agreement with his wife, Lisa Rinna, with regard to the allegedly shady behavior of her co-star, Lisa Vanderpump, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

While promoting his new movie, No Alternative, on the set of Hallmark's Home & Family at Universal Studios Hollywood, Hamlin suspected Vanderpump had a "secondary agenda" when it came to the ongoing controversy surrounding Dorit Kemsley and the dog she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs.

"This year there was a lot of, there seems to be a lot of heat around the whole dog story and I have a feeling that there's a secondary agenda there maybe; a new show in the works called Vanderpump Dogs, perhaps," he said during an interview with Us Weekly.

While Bravo TV has not yet officially announced plans for another Vanderpump spinoff, several sources told Us Weekly in March that Vanderpump's latest series is currently "in the works."

After rumors first began swirling with regard to Vanderpump's new show, Hamlin's wife took to her Instagram page, where she suggested she and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars should be compensated for the work they did to set Vanderpump's new series up, especially considering they weren't asked to do so.

During a rant to her fans and followers, Rinna said that while she supports all of her co-stars and hopes they are all successful, she and the other women were used by Vanderpump to play out a storyline that would ultimately be used to launch her new series.

While there has been plenty of drama between the women and Vanderpump throughout The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9, Hamlin is always supportive of his wife. He mentioned a Season 7 moment he was especially fond of during his interview with Us Weekly.

"I mean the bunny one from a couple years ago I guess, and that was phenomenal. I mean I don't know how she did but she squeezed out one single tear and it broke the heart of America. I loved that; it was great," he gushed.

As for the whereabouts of Vanderpump, Hamlin confirmed he has not seen or spoken to the restaurateur for the past several months.

"I think she's keeping a low profile right now," he guessed.

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