‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Strong Hints Lead To Willow’s Possible Connection To Harmony And Neil

Michael YadaABC Press

Things are heating up on General Hospital this week as Kristina is about to be initiated into Dawn of Day. Her loved ones are scrambling to get her out before it’s too late. Willow Tait knows all about what it’s like to be totally manipulated by Shiloh, as she explained to Michael and Chase on Tuesday all that Kristina will go through in her initiation ceremony. Harmony is there for it all as well, and she was quite surprised to hear that the person they were looking for has been found.

It was revealed this week on General Hospital that Willow’s real name is Callie Miller. When that name was mentioned on yesterday’s show, Harmony stiffened up and asked about her. She was surprised that Callie, aka Willow, was living there in Port Charles. Soap Central teases that Harmony will see some sort of trouble this week. What could that possibly be about?

Harmony’s reaction to hearing that Willow had been found hinted that there is a very strong connection between the two women. There appears to be something else in their past besides their connection to Dawn of Day. On Monday, Shiloh mentioned Willow’s parents to her, which suggests that they are connected to the cult. General Hospital fans know that Willow was adopted and they were all likely involved with the cult as well.

With these scenarios, there is a strong possibility that Harmony is Willow’s adoptive mother. She is heavily involved with Dawn of Day. She actually heads up the group in Beecher’s Corners. Now that she is in Port Charles, she may not leave until she confronts Willow to convince her to return to her world with Shiloh.

If it proves to be true that Harmony is Willow’s adoptive mother, then that means the other half of Nina’s necklace could turn up eventually. The Inquisitr had previously reported that somehow Shiloh could have that necklace in his possession. He didn’t have it in his hand on Monday, but Harmony may pull it out soon if it all ties together that Nina is Willow’s real mother.

As for Willow’s dad, many fans are convinced that Neil will eventually be revealed to be her adoptive dad and that he was also involved in Dawn of Day but got himself out. It’s also possible that his wife was involved and he did his best to get them out. He could have been instrumental in helping to get his daughter out of there when she fled.

Sonny’s meeting with Neil on Tuesday carried strong hints that the therapist seems to have a personal investment in helping to get people out of cults. He has experience with them. He was totally against helping Kristina after Sonny snatches her from Dawn of Day. However, it was all over his face that he may have also had the same experience with a loved one when Sonny told him that he can’t lose his daughter to this cult. He eventually agreed to help.

All should be revealed soon as to Harmony’s connection to “Callie.” Keep watching General Hospital in the coming days to see if Kristina is saved before she gets tattooed and what happens when Harmony and Willow come face-to-face with each other.