‘B&B’ Recap For Tuesday, April 9: Wyatt Shocked By Sister Reveal

Cliff LipsonCBS

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, April 9, features Hope (Annika Noelle) and Zoe (Kiara Barnes) at Forrester Creations. They talked about Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Douglas (Henry Joseph Samiri) and their horrific loss. Hope mentioned that Flo was also experiencing a loss. She wondered if Flo would be able to offer her some tips on how to deal with her struggles. She called Flo and asked her to come over, much to Zoe’s dismay, per SheKnows Soaps.

At Flo’s apartment, she told Wyatt (Darin Brooks) that a part of her would always love him. She checked her email for the DNA kit results again, but there was still no reply. Wyatt reassured Flo, before she received a call from Hope. After she disconnected from the call, she told Wyatt that Hope wanted her to come over. He misinterpreted her anxiety, and told her that he would check on the DNA results. If anything cropped up, he would immediately notify her.

Flo arrived at Forrester Creations. Hope gave Flo a tour of the fashion house, something which she really appreciated. When Donna (Jennifer Gareis) came into the room, she told her aunt that Flo is Phoebe’s (Isabelle De Armas and Redford Prindiville) biological mother. Donna could empathize with what Flo was going through, because she also gave her son up for adoption. Later, Hope told Flo that she needed her help. She wanted to know how Flo was able to cope after she had to give up her baby. Hope also wanted to come to terms with the loss of Beth.

Quinn (Rena Sofer) was shocked that Wyatt and Flo could be brother and sister. When Pam (Alley Mills) interrupted their meeting, Bill told them that they should continue their meeting at Spencer Publications.

In Bill’s office, Shauna Fulton (Denise Richards) admitted that she couldn’t be absolutely sure who Flo’s father was. Quinn was alarmed that Wyatt and Flo could be siblings, because they had been high school sweethearts. Bill summoned Wyatt, who was surprised to see his mother and Shauna in the office. Bill asked Wyatt where he had been. He replied that he had been with Flo. Bill wanted to know if he had been “with” Flo. Wyatt was appalled, and reminded his dad that he was in love with Sally (Courtney Hope). Quinn blurted out that there was a possibility that he and Flo could be brother and sister.