Ivanka Trump Receives Backlash For A Photo Showing Her Son Sleeping On The Floor

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Being the daughter of a notably controversial president, Ivanka Trump has come to expect getting some hate now and then. But she probably didn’t foresee a seemingly harmless photo of her sleeping 3-year-old son getting as much backlash as it is currently. A post on Instagram that Ivanka probably intended to be comical and sweet is earning her a storm of comments criticizing her for her father’s politics, according to Hollywood Life.

The photo in question was taken inside the bedroom of Ivanka’s two sons, 3-year-old Theodore and 5-year-old Joseph. Joseph appears to be sleeping soundly in his own bed while Joseph’s remains empty. The 3-year-old instead chose to sleep on the floor with a couple of plush pillows. The post seemed to convey that Theodore was having some trouble adjusting to sleeping in a real bed after transitioning from a crib.

“We may need to bring the crib back,” wrote Ivanka with a laughing emoji.

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When Dad’s away...

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Theodore’s sleeping arrangements still looked pretty comfortable regardless, something Instagram users were quick to point out. Many compared the daily comforts of Ivanka’s young children to the less than luxurious sleeping arrangements migrant children face daily. The comments are in reference to the “zero-tolerance” immigration policy instituted by President Trump last year. As a result of the policy, many migrant children were separated from their parents at the border.

The comment section didn’t hold back.

“Why not just put them in cages like you do with the other ones?” one follower asked. “At least he isn’t in a cage. Oh yeah, he’s white not brown,” another wrote.

While there were a lot of negative comments, loyal Trump supporters were quick to defend Ivanka. One user commented about how much he enjoyed seeing these more personal moments of Ivanka’s life and encouraged her not to listen to those tearing her down.

“This is a private moment that she chose to share with the American people, all of you idiots that have some comment to say about this shame on you all. As a 58 year old man who just had his first grandson, these are the true pictures and memories that I want to have in my mind and please do not let these idiots tear you down.”

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No crib day #3: Brothers swapped beds!

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On Tuesday, Ivanka posted a followup picture but did not address the hate she received on the first post involving her sons. In this photo, both boys are fast asleep and neither is on the floor.