University Seeks Volunteers To Use Cocaine For Study

A London university is seeking volunteers to use cocaine for a study. King’s College, London has released a request for volunteers to participate in research of cocaine metabolites.

The London Westminster Research Ethics committee has reportedly reviewed and approved the controversial study. The call for volunteers was sent to numerous students at the prestigious university on Thursday by e-mail. The notice contains an outline of the procedure and volunteer requirements.

As reported by Business Insider reports, the study will be conducted under strict medical supervision. A spokesman from Kings College London discusses the research:

“This is an important scientific study to investigate how cocaine and its metabolites are spread through the human body. All the relevant ethical approvals were received for this study. The study will be conducted under the highest level of medical supervision in a dedicated clinical research suite.”

The notice, requesting volunteers to use cocaine for the study, lists guidelines and requirements for volunteers. They are seeking male participants between the ages of 25 and 40.

The volunteers need to be in good physical health and cannot be recreational drug users. Additionally, participants may not cut or color their hair for the duration of the study, which is set for 120 days.

The study will be supervised by St Thomas’ Hospital, London. Participants will be given either cocaine or a placebo and researchers will study “biological samples” including blood, urine, and sweat, to determine “how cocaine and its metabolites are spread through the human body.”

The US government has listed numerous clinical studies that administer cocaine to human participants. In fact, Johns Hopkins University is currently seeking volunteers to use cocaine for a study analysing possible treatment for cocaine dependency.