Model Priscilla Huggins Ortiz Goes Nude Save For Metallic Body Tape On Instagram


Model Priscilla Huggins Ortiz shared new photos while wearing just metallic body tape on Instagram. The photos were taken in collaboration with the Black Tape Project, which sells different colored body tape. The type that Priscilla wore looks like the “Dragon” body tape, which costs $29.99 per roll. There’s 10 yards in a roll, and the colors can look different depending on what angle you’re looking at it from. It ranges from amber, green and gold.

The sultry images showed the model standing against a desert backdrop. She went completely nude except for the body tape, which was cut into small triangles and pasted on the front of her body. It started from the nape of her neck, and followed the curves of her body down to her inner thighs. The first photo showed her from the front, as she placed her right hand on her hip and played with her hair with her left hand. A second photo from the series showed the model posing from the side, as she raised her hands to her head. Her pose left her derriere exposed. Ortiz also tilted her head back slightly, and wore rows of tape on her arms that looked like bracelets.

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In addition, Huggins shared another photo a day ago that showed her in a revealing and white one-piece swimsuit. These photos were taken at the beach, as she posed on the sand with the ocean in the backdrop. She posed while curving her back, holding her head in her hands and slightly parting her lips. In a second photo, Priscilla lay on her back on the sand and placed her hands above her head.

The model previously spoke with C-Heads Magazine about her modeling pursuits and ethnicity.

“I am half Puerto Rican half American. I was raised on the beautiful island with my Puerto Rican mother. Did not have much relationship with my American father (from Georgia). They had me at a very young age wasn’t planned at all and my mother decided to raise me on her own.”

Priscilla also noted that ” I definitely think modeling has changed a lot especially thanks to all of the social media we have around us these days. I bet that 10 years ago a model would walk into a casting and not have to put how many Instagram followers she has on the sheet.”

Luckily for Huggins, she has over 138,000 followers on Instagram and counting.