Australian Model Madi Edwards Goes Topless, Shows Off Her Curves For Racy Instagram Snap


Australian bombshell Madi Edwards is leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination in a new racy Instagram snap.

The 23-year-old Brisbane native took to the social media site to share a picture of herself promoting Bali Body tanning spray, and she decided to go topless to show off how it looked on her. Edwards used her hands to stay strategically covered and comply with Instagram’s strict no-nudity policy, while showing off the golden glow she got from the product.

The picture was an immediate hit with her more than 660,000 followers, prompting thousands of likes and supportive comments from her fans.

“Such a beautiful figure,” one commented.

“Amazing!” another wrote.

Edwards has been enjoying plenty of attention lately as she makes a name for herself in a crowded landscape of models using Instagram to boost their stature. She was recently featured as one of the 29 top-rising Instagram models by Esquire, which noted that she has a chance to match Instagram legend Emily Ratajkowski in stature one day.

Edwards has been featured on a number of modeling campaigns and garnered a legion of very devoted fans.

Too devoted sometimes, Edwards shared with Maxim, via The Daily Mail

“I get a lot of Instagram DMs asking me to send them my used socks,” she said in the interview.

“I get these in my Instagram DMs all the time. The worst one I’ve received would have to be, ‘The boys and I discussed you are a nine out of 10. I’m the perfect one for you — with us together we could be the perfect 10.’ Literally word for word. As if!”

The trade-off seems to be worth it for Madi Edwards, who has used the attention from her Instagram page to launch a career that includes a number of sponsored posts. The racy topless photo she shared on Tuesday is part of her partnership with Bali Body, which cross-promoted her post on their own page.

The Australian beauty is hoping to use some of that attention for good. In an interview with Maxim, Edwards was asked what she most wants to accomplish, and thought first of others.

“Wanting to help others, especially my family and friends,” she responded.

“I love being there for people when they most need it. Physically, I’d say my eyes – I love having bright colored eyes.”

Those who want to see more of Madi Edwards — including her racy topless photo — can check out more on her Instagram page.