Kendall Jenner Reveals Fashion Regrets, Names One She’s ‘Kind Of Over’

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Kendall Jenner is dominating fashion in every way possible. Her lucrative contracts span high fashion, athleisure wear, lingerie, and footwear. This girl only needs to step out in the street for her entire look to sell out.

On April 8, 2019, Kendall opened up to Vogue Australia. The interview opens by noting Kendall’s recent high-profile appearance as Tiffany & Co.’s ambassador. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently attended the brand’s flagship store opening in Sydney, Australia. While the appearance saw Kendall’s pink-feathered gown littering style websites, it turns out that Kendall herself has her fashion regrets.

The interview gets straight to business probing Kendall on her style choices. Asking her to name something she’d “never wear again,” the magazine proceeds to quote the model’s response.

“I hate saying never but maybe wedge sneakers – I feel like I’m kind of over the wedge sneaker.”

Wedges have returned with full force in recent years. The graduated heel has been seen on the likes of Kate Middleton and fellow model Miranda Kerr. In 2018, Kendall famously donned a pair of Prada wedges. They weren’t sneakers, though.

Reflecting on her fashion regrets in general, Kendall admits to having “several” from her youth but struggled to “pinpoint” one. Nonetheless, she confessed to there being “a couple!”

Kendall has the ability to make a headline from an Instagram update alone.

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last night at @vanityfair

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Whether it’s high-profile evening appearances or skimpy bikini snaps, Kendall’s 107 million Instagram followers are hooked on this girl for a reason. With a unique style, a slight vintage vibe, and no fear of flaunting her assets, Kendall remains one of the most talked-about celebrities in Hollywood.

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When it comes to Kendall’s male fanbase though, the interest seems less in the clothes (and more about what’s underneath them). With the ability to rack up millions of likes simply by posing in her bathroom, this supermodel knows what she was born with.

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i do my own stunts

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A little something different seems to be Kendall’s edge on the competition. Celebrities taking to Instagram in next-to-nothing is nothing novel. Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Farrah Abraham, and Nicki Minaj are all at it. With Kendall though, there’s always a slight mystery. There’s also a sense of humor. Earlier this year, Kendall posted a lingerie video of herself. With the caption suggesting that she pulls her “own stunts,” there was, admittedly, a tongue-in-cheek feel.

For this model though, being in front of the camera is serious business. Kendall is now the world’s highest-paid model, per Forbes. Clearly, though, even fashion’s elite is entitled to a few regrets.