Spoilers For Wednesday's 'General Hospital': Kristina Takes Next Initiation Step As Her Loved Ones Scramble

Viewers have learned a lot about the Dawn of Day initiation process in recent episodes, and General Hospital spoilers tease that Wednesday's show will feature Kristina taking the next step forward. Willow shared some personal insight about her experiences in DoD with Michael, and he wasted no time in sharing what he had learned with Jason and Sam. Now, everybody will be scrambling during the April 10 show as Kristina's loved ones try to intervene before things go too far.

Sonny met with Alexis' therapist, Neil, in hopes of soliciting his help in getting Kristina to let go of her passion for Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Neil was resistant, noting that his last experience in this type of situation did not end well. However, Sonny convinced the therapist to agree to help -- when, and if, Kristina was pulled away from DoD.

Sam took photos of the attic that was set up for the initiation -- and in talking with Michael and Jason, they all agreed that they can't let Krissy go through this process. It's become clear that after Daisy and Harmony do their part, Kristina then faces getting tattooed. She will then be expected to sleep with Shiloh.

General Hospital spoilers, via the preview, tease that Krissy will be encouraged to drink some mystery liquid before the process begins. Given what has been shared up to this point, it seems clear that this drink surely contains a drug of some kind -- something to lower Kristina's inhibitions, or even essentially incapacitate her.

It seems that Jason will rush to the DoD house to try to interrupt the initiation before things go too far. As he pursues this, She Knows Soaps suggests that Alexis and Sonny will talk through their options, and formulate a plan.

While everybody at the DoD house is prepared for the initiation to take place, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Harmony will send out a distress call of some sort. Could she perhaps discover that someone had looked at things in the attic, or could she find Jason as he is trying to intervene?

Not only will Harmony try to send out a signal for help of some sort, but Soap Central reveals that she'll end up in trouble in some way. Again, General Hospital spoilers would seem to hint that this probably involves Jason and his determination to save Kristina.

Whatever comes next on this front, Dawn of Day and Shiloh won't be fully dismantled and brought down with the intervention to save Kristina. General Hospital spoilers detail that next week, Brad will get further involved with DoD -- and there's a tense confrontation coming up between Jason and Shiloh soon, too. This storyline will be getting pretty wild in the days ahead, and fans won't want to miss what comes next.