Inventor To Jump Off Niagra Falls In ‘Tsunami Survival’ Capsule

Have you ever been in the path of a tsunami and thought to yourself, “If I only had a giant metal ball, I could just climb into it and wait for this whole thing to blow over,”? That’s the theory behind Julian Sharpe’s “tsunami survival” capsule, which he plans to test by locking himself inside of it and plummeting over Niagra Falls.

It’s not all that crazy, notes MSN. Some people have gone over the Falls in barrels and lived to tell the tale. But Sharpe, a British-born, Seattle-based aerospace engineer, wants to do one better by hurling himself over the edge in an aluminum capsule designed to protects people from natural disasters like tidal waves, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and super storms.

“We can tell people how strong it is, but until we have proved that it has saved a life they might not believe what we say,” he said of testing the tsunami survival capsule.

Very true, I suppose. Sharpe has enough faith in his product to gamble with his own life, and that’s saying something.

He’s done the math, too. After he rolls over the world-famous falls, he’ll drop 167 feet, reports The Mirror UK. Upon impact, Sharpe predicts that it’ll feel like being rear-ended by a car at about 20mph.

The tsunami survival capsule he’ll be making the drop in seems to only seat one, but Sharpe has plans for a six-person pod that he hopes will sell for between $1,000 and $5,000

A prototype is expected to go into production soon.

What do you think? Would you trust your life to Sharpe’s tsunami survival capsule? Do you think he’ll survive his Niagra Falls plunge?