Georgia Fowler’s Dress Falls Down & Leaves Her Chest Exposed In New Instagram Pic

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Georgia Fowler is on fire this week on social media, and she started the week off with a bang, sharing an Instagram photo of herself going braless under a very low-cut teal dress. And earlier today, Maxim shared an Instagram photo of the model from a new photoshoot, one that showed her looking both chic and risque.

The image shows Georgia from her waist up, as she appeared to be sitting down. She sported a gold dress with a light, sparkling accent on top. The dress, however, was falling down, as it was completely off her shoulder on her left side — and pretty much falling off her chest on her right side. This left her exposed, but she censored herself with her left arm, and with a little bit of fabric on her right side. Fowler also wore a pair of dramatic cat eye sunglasses which had a black rim with white accents on the top. The photographer for this shoot was Gilles Bensimon.

In addition, the model appears to be getting ready to do some interior decorating. Her Instagram Story asked her fans to vote on whether they think she should go with a white or black color scheme. In addition, she shared four collages that were full of inspiration from various furniture pieces. Perhaps she’ll share what she ends up doing with her decorating once it’s done.

Fowler’s Instagram Story then continued to include snapshots of a magazine article, along with a couple of professional black-and-white photos of Georgia. But, at the end, she noted that she’s dealing with some jet lag. She shared a screenshot from a sleeping app, one that let her know that she had only slept 2 hours and 51 minutes rather than the 8 hours and 35 minutes that it recommends.

And while Georgia stays very busy throughout the year as a highly sought-after model, she recently revealed one of her favorite things to do when she has down time to Harper’s Bazaar.

“When I get a day off, might get a facial at J Tav Skincare or I try and have a Chinese massage. It’s really good for recovering and chilling out and if you’ve got an hour and $45 to spare, then why not? You can’t touch your phone for an hour, so sometimes it’s not even so much about the massage but more that you’re just sitting in one place. You have to clear your mind, it’s just taking a moment to be present.”

Fowler also added that she likes taking walks.