Anonymous Hacked: Group’s Twitter Account Taken Over By Rustle League

The hacker collective known as Anonymous was hacked this week by a rival group named Rustle League.

Anonymous, which has been extra busy this week by hacking high-profile Twitter feeds from company’s like Burger King, got a taste of their own medicine this week when their @Anon_Central account, which has more than 150,000 followers, taken over by Rustle League.

Rustle League wrote on the @Anon_Central account: WE ARE RUSTLE LEAGUE WE ARE ALPHA AS F*CK EXPECT JIMMIES

So what is the Rustle League? reports that the hacking group, which consists of five main members, formed last Summer. They’re all reportedly 20-somethings working in the online security industry who moonlight as professional internet trolls.

Jaime Cochran, co-chair of Rustle League, said:

“We see ourselves as the old Anonymous, which is more about having fun and fucking with people rather than revolution and saving the world. Although, what we do does serve a purpose in society.”

The BBC reports that Anonymous was hacked due to a “human error.” Graham Cluley, senior consultant at security firm Sophos, said:

“The reason Anonymous fell victim is probably human weakness … Chances are that they followed poor password practices, like using the same password in multiple places or choosing a password that was easy to crack. Everyone should learn better password security from incidents like this – if it can happen to an account run by Anonymous supporters, it could happen to you.”

Anonymous, however, laughed at the claim saying: “lol BBC, you will have to wait for a full story.”

Are you surprised that Anonymous got hacked?


— Anonymous Operations (@Anon_Central) February 21, 2013