Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Jews, Muslims On Facebook

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

A 20-year-old man in Washington State has been arrested and charged with a pair of felonies after threatening to kill Jewish people on Facebook last year.

According to Herald Net, Dakota Reed posted the threats from several different Facebook accounts. On them, he posted selfies with Nazi salutes, pictures of his gun collection, plans for mass shootings, and the phrase “I’m shooting for 30 Jews.”

Reed was arrested in December, the Anti-Defamation League said at the time, although the criminal charges weren’t announced until this week. The ADL had tipped off the FBI about the posts, which ultimately led to the charges.

Reed was charged with two counts of threats to bomb or injure property, although Reed was not charged under any hate crime statute.

The accused also allegedly made videos in which he referred to himself as “Active Shooter 327,” praising Dylann Roof, the man who was convicted of carrying out a massacre of black churchgoers in South Carolina in June of 2015. In addition to Jews, Reed also spoke of killing Muslims, and quoted Robert Bowers, the accused shooter in last October’s Tree of Life synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh.

Reed indicated that he was planning to carry out a mass murder in 2025, using that specific year multiple times across the different messages.

“The Facebook accounts drew law enforcement attention because of the combination of hateful white supremacist rhetoric with a large collection of powerful firearms,” the charging documents said, as quoted by the news outlet.

Reed was caught after it was determined that he had used his personal email to register at least one of the accounts, and the house he was living in at the time was recognizable in some of the posted photos. After Reed was arrested at his mother’s home, police found several items, including fascist symbols, that they recognized from the videos.

In a police interview, when he was asked why he dislikes Jews, Reed said that “I’ve had them lie to me,” and also stated that girls have favored Jewish men over him.

Per The Daily Beast last December, Reed was the third person arrested within a one-week period who specifically invoked Dylann Roof in the act of planning or threatening mass killings. An Ohio couple was arrested that week, and the woman of the couple had even written letters to Roof in prison. In a nearby part of Washington the same week, eight men were arrested for their part in an alleged hate crime that involved the beating of a black DJ.