Snooki Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump Alongside Deena Cortese, Who Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body

Snooki and Deena Cortese are friends and have appeared together on Jersey Shore and the subsequent spinoff Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Deena gave birth to her son in January and Snooki is currently pregnant with her third child. On Monday, the reality show star moms posed together in an Instagram photo with Snooki showing off her growing baby bump and Deena showing off her post-baby body.

Dressed in black, Cortese shows off her stunning weight loss after giving birth to her son just three short months ago. She is smiling as she stands next to her friend, Snooki. In the photo, Snooki is wearing a gray dress and tall boots as she touches her baby bump and smiles for the camera.

Snooki has not been shy about sharing her pregnancy updates with her fans on social media. However, that sharing has also come with criticism. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Snooki recently went to Disney World with her husband and two children. While there, the reality show star pushed her two children around in a stroller. Her son is 6-years-old and her daughter is 4-years-old. Given their ages, some fans slammed the mom for letting them sit in a stroller at the huge amusement park.

She didn't let the negativity get to her, though, and clapped back in a now deleted comment which was captured by Romper.

"They walk! But in large crowds I prefer they sit their a—s down. Save me the stress of not losing my offspring."
Deena shares plenty of updates about her baby boy on her Instagram account as well. Over the weekend, she shared an update about her now 3-month-old son by posting a picture of him and updating fans on the milestones that her baby boy has reached. The proud mom revealed that her son chews on his hands and that he learned to roll over from his stomach onto his back.

Writing as her son, Deena wrote, "I found my voice so now I'm cooing up a storm.. I love when I make mommy and daddy laugh! favorite toy is my blanket friends! And I started liking Tummy Time a lot more now that I'm getting stronger!"

Aside from the 3-month-old update, Deena has shared a lot of other photos of her son, CJ. In the photos she posts, Deena is always smiling and clearly enjoys motherhood.

Snooki is getting ready to give birth to her third baby in June. In December, she posted a video to social media and revealed that she is having another boy.