Hilaria Baldwin Says Women Shouldn’t Suffer ‘Silently’ After Miscarriage

Hilaria Baldwin appears on The Today Show on Friday, July 27, 2018.
Nathan Congleton / NBC

Hilaria Baldwin has stated that women should not have to suffer silently after a miscarriage and wants the stigma that surrounds the loss of a baby to stop. Baldwin appeared on Today and told the hosts that she wanted to open up about the possibility that she and her husband, Alec Baldwin, may have lost what would have been their fifth child. She also penned an essay about the experience for Glamour Magazine.

The couple is blessed with four children — Carmen, 5, Rafael, 3, Leonardo, 2, and Romeo, 10 months.

“The silence makes you very nervous. And so this technician, she just kept on being quiet and kept on trying to find a heartbeat… She could find it and then you’d listen to it and… [it’d be] very spread apart, kind of slow,” Hilaria explained during her appearance on Today, as seen in a post from the show’s Twitter account.

“And she said to me, ‘The heartbeat is not very fast.’ And then I went in again — and, in the life of an embryo, days, a week, it’s completely different — and it was the same.”

“I wanted to come out and speak about it because it’s something so many people deal with and, as women, we’re trained to deal with it silently,” Baldwin said on the morning talk show. “You’re definitely not supposed to say anything before 12 weeks. And some of that is because people are superstitious and a lot of it for other people is fear. And I don’t think we have to live with such fear.”

This appearance comes on the heels of an Instagram post the yoga instructor shared when she revealed she was likely suffering a miscarriage.

In her Glamour essay, Baldwin revealed that she believes miscarriage comes with a social stigma, one where people may think there’s something wrong with the mother or baby or both, and that could cause emotional scars for a mother who suffered that experience. Mothers often feel alone in their grief, and for many, the emotional trauma that comes with losing a child stays with them indefinitely.

In reaching out to share this life journey with her followers, Baldwin hoped to find consolation, not only for herself, but also for others who might find a place to speak of their own experience in the comments section of her post.

In Glamour, Baldwin said that although she and her husband were not “actively trying” for another baby when they learned of this pregnancy, they were thrilled when they realized they were adding to their brood.

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