A Good Samaritan Paid For Strangers’ Meals At A Florida Waffle House Only To Get Shot In The Head


On Sunday, 41-year-old old Craig Brewer decided to spread some kindness at a Gainesville, Florida, Waffle House. In an act of generosity, he went around and picked up the tabs of some of the other customers. In addition, he passed out $20 bills to some of the people gathered. They were strangers to him but the small act was likely going to make their day. Unfortunately, it would be because of his attempt to brighten their day that he would end up dead on the floor of that same Waffle House outlet, according to NBC News.

While Brewer picked up the tabs for many of the customers gathered, he reportedly did not do the same for 25-year-old Ezekiel Hicks, or for the woman who accompanied him at the restaurant. It has not yet been revealed what his reasons were for opting not to extend the same generosity to the couple. The woman with Hicks reportedly grew furious when her meal wasn’t paid for, and a verbal argument ensued. Hicks then allegedly left the restaurant to retrieve a handgun. Despite attempts from bystanders to stop him, Hicks allegedly shot Brewer in the head when he returned to Waffle House.

According to a statement from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, Hicks had concealed his weapon prior to opening fire on Brewer.

“As the fight continued, the suspect took the handgun from his pants and shot Brewer in the head,” the statement read.

Law enforcement was called to the Gainesville Waffle House after reports of a “large unruly crowd” due to the verbal argument that had taken place initially. By the time they arrived at the restaurant, Brewer was already dead. A 9mm handgun was found at the murder scene. Only minutes after law enforcement arrived, Hicks was arrested and taken into custody. He is being held without bail for first-degree murder charges.

Lt. Brett Rhodenizer, an Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, spoke about how quickly the altercation escalated from angry words being exchanged to a murder. If deputies had been able to arrive even seconds earlier, they might have been able to prevent this tragic outcome, according to ABC News.

“They feel like they were so close and just far enough away to where they couldn’t change the outcome. This incident went from a verbal altercation to a homicide in minutes, if not seconds. The speed at which it happened and how quickly it went so bad — for both the victim and the suspect — is really kind of the thing that resonates the most with a lot of the folks that have been a part of the investigation.”