Leah Messer Slams MTV On Twitter, Did They Edit ‘Teen Mom 2’ To Make It Look Like She Texted While Driving?

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Leah Messer believes she was edited unfairly during a recent episode of Teen Mom 2.

Following Monday’s show, the reality star and mother-of-three took to her Twitter account, where she slammed MTV for seemingly editing the show to make it appear that she was texting while driving.

“Of course it would be edited to where it looks like I’m texting and driving the entire time. I’m NOT always texting and driving,” she tweeted, according to an April 8 report from Pop Culture.

Although Messer’s tweet seemed to suggest MTV edited her “wrong” on the show, Messer later shared a second tweet in which she explained that “most of the time,” she’s not texting while driving. She then said that the network likely used the texting scene multiple times in an effort to make it seem as if she’s always texting behind the wheel.

After Messer’s tweets were shared, some of her fans and followers reacted to her posts. Many pointed out that she’s been seen texting while driving on a number of different occasions over the past several seasons of Teen Mom 2. Others defended the reality star by pointing out that most aren’t filmed and recorded at all times.

“Install a GoPro in your cars for a month and THEN you can judge someone for texting and driving,” one person tweeted.

Messer has been vocal about her frustrations with MTV on a number of occasions this year. Just last week, she told her Twitter audience that she was “annoyed” with the drama surrounding the then-upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion.

“Can there be a solid plan already? [bulls**t] [over it] How hard does it really have to be!?!?” she asked.

According to Messer, she and her co-stars weren’t informed of an exact plan for the Teen Mom 2 reunion until the last minute and she didn’t like to be in limbo for so long leading up to her trip. She also said that because of the drama with her co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, production simply isn’t what it used to be. That, she said, makes her “sad.”

“I’m just saying if what you wanted has been accommodated just get on with it and if not do whatever you have to do. Have a solid decision! It’s everyone’s schedule being messed with. It’s all crazy,” she continued.

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