Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Host Daniel Martin At Frogmore Cottage

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have just moved into their new home, Frogmore Cottage, in Windsor, but they have already had a houseguest. Duchess Meghan’s close friend and makeup artist, Daniel Martin, made the trip from New York to London last week, sparking rumors that the royal baby was on the way.

Marie Claire reports that Martin hinted to fans on Instagram that he was headed to London for a visit. Though he didn’t share any photos of Frogmore Cottage, he made it clear he was in Windsor by sharing a photo of a shopping center that is walking distance from Windsor Castle. He also cheekily shared a photo of Windsor Street with a caption that reads “hmm??”

Martin is reportedly the creator of Duchess Meghan’s “no-makeup makeup look,” according to Bride. He did Markle’s makeup for the big day and was also a guest for the royal nuptials. But like any close friend who would like to remain that way, Martin is not sharing any insider information, only hinting that he is in town with his friends, Meghan and Harry.

On his way from New York to London, the friend of Duchess Meghan tagged himself on British Airlines in first class, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Martin included a simple message on his Instagram story.

“I’m coming for you London!”

An insider said that Martin was coming to town to work on Meghan’s makeup after she has the baby, leading some people to theorize that it was crunch time.

“Meghan wants to share her first baby picture on Instagram so will want Daniel to help with that.”

Another recent story suggested that Duchess Meghan won’t be having the baby at the St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing and that she doesn’t intend to pause outside the hospital entrance with Prince Harry and the new baby the way Princess Diana and Kate Middleton did after delivering their babies. So, perhaps she was seeking the makeup artist’s help with her post-baby styling.

Daniel Martin has shared hints in the past that he was at parties with the Duchess of Sussex by posting photos of the display of decorated sugar cookies from Markle’s New York baby shower, as reported by The Inquisitr. Though Martin didn’t specify that he was with Duchess Meghan, he tagged photos with phrases like “baby love” and referred to the celebration.

Martin also included a photo of himself exiting the Mark Hotel in a T-shirt which read, “thank you for being a friend.”