Jamie Lee Curtis Remakes Pictures That Made Her A Meme Queen

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Besides being one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, with a career spanning decades, Jamie Lee Curtis is also incredibly self-aware and overall amazing. Most recently, she took a series of paparazzi pictures that captured her during an emotional moment years ago by The Daily Mail and recreated them on her Instagram account, with hilarious effects. The original pictures made the Halloween star an instant meme almost a decade ago, and Curtis now acknowledges her own meme queen status in the new pictures.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a Hollywood icon, having been part of classic films such as True Lies, Trading Places, Freaky Friday and the even more famous Halloween. Curtis recently even appeared in the selective sequel to the horror movie, with Halloween 2018. The movie star has also been involved in the small screen with the highly successful Scream Queens, as per her IMDb page.

Back in 2010, Curtis was caught by paparazzi, noticeably upset and scolding, or reprimanding a friend during lunch, as reported by W Magazine. The pictures showcased a rare candid moment that portrayed the usually happy-go-lucky star in an angry light. The pictures went on to become instant memes, which have stayed relevant over the years. So when appearing for the YouTube series Game Grumps for a Mario Party gaming session, Curtis recreated the pictures with the host and posted them on her Instagram account.

Curtis has made herself known to be incredibly savvy on social media and able to take a joke. Since her infamous turn as a meme sensation, Curtis has been seemingly baiting the paparazzi with silly and meme-worthy fashion choices and antics in public. As W Magazine pointed out, her well-known landline phone purse as well as cross body cell phone holster have become sensations of meme-culture.

Ana de Armas and Jamie Lee Curtis at CinemaCon 2019 for a screening of “'Long Shot”.'
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This also wouldn’t be the first time that Curtis has recreated something to acknowledge or pay homage to it. Curtis’ mother Janet Leigh is famous for being the actress in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, the shower scene from which is considered an iconic movie moment, as per CBC. So when Curtis was involved in a horror TV show with Scream Queens, she jumped at the chance to honor her mother by recreating the same shower scene for an episode of the series, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Curtis’ willingness to be self-deprecating and to own every aspect of her celebrity life, with the ups as well as the downs, is refreshing to see in a movie star.

Jamie Lee Curtis appears next in Knives Out, releasing on November 27.