Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Faces Unsettling Requirements From Shiloh And Harmony

Craig SjodinABC

When Lexi Ainsworth was brought back as Kristina Corinthos last year on General Hospital, spoilers teased that she was going to have a big storyline. That has indeed been the case, and it looks like this week will bring things to a head. Krissy is ready to join Shiloh’s inner circle in Dawn of Day, but she is going to face some fairly uncomfortable moments as this initiation moves forward.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Kristina will apparently face some shockers as she works her way through this Dawn of Day initiation. General Hospital spoilers have revealed plenty of juicy tidbits about what’s on the way, and the show just shared a weekly sneak peek video via Twitter that details some additional teasers.

It has been said that Kristina will be given some sort of outfit to put on, and the preview clip shows what she’ll be asked to wear. It looks like an oversized plain dress of some sort, and even the simple appearance of this outfit may have some fans grimacing.

Kristina will be left in the attic of the DoD house to ponder what’s ahead. She is shown lying on a bed, looking up at a ceiling fan as she waits to see what comes next. Given what viewers have learned about DoD, this looks fairly ominous.

Willow has shared with Chase that Shiloh is the one who was responsible for her pregnancy, and fans know that the gals brought into the inner circle get tattoos at some point, too. This oversized gown or dress would seem to suggest that Shiloh might be planning to take Kristina down a similar path during this initiation, something like what Willow experienced in the past.

Not only is Kristina given this garb to wear and given time on her own to anticipate what’s coming, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Shiloh and Harmony will urge her to drink something before she’s taken to the attic. Harmony says that the drink will help calm her nerves, and it’s not a stretch to figure that the drink is drugged — and will leave Kristina all the more vulnerable to what Shiloh is planning.

As this is playing out, Sam will hide in the attic. She will overhear plenty, which leaves her feeling quite concerned. General Hospital spoilers add that Sonny will be voicing his concerns about how Kristina is involved in a cult — and SheKnows Soaps details that viewers will see Alexis, Jason, and others scrambling over all of this throughout the week, as well.

Will Shiloh take advantage of Kristina sexually, and tattoo her before her loved ones can save her — or will they get her out of the Dawn of Day house in time? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be quite a bit of DoD action playing out throughout at least the next couple of weeks, and fans will be curious to see how ugly things get before Shiloh is taken down.