CNN Pundit’s Mueller Report Spin Stuns Twitter: Report Proving Trump Criminality Will Be Bad — For Democrats

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The fight continues over release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s full report of his findings in Russia investigation, with indications emerging last week that the actual contents of the report could prove far more damaging to Donald Trump than Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary on March 24 made it appear. In fact, as The Inquisitr reported, Mueller may have found “very compelling” evidence showing collusion between Trump and Russia.

However, one CNN pundit took to Twitter on Monday morning with a whole new spin on what the report’s release might mean.

If the Mueller report shows “a compelling narrative of obstruction or other misconduct,” according to CNN legal analyst Ross Garber on Twitter, that could be bad news — for Democrats. In fact, Garber said that “release of a detailed Mueller Report could be a disaster” for Democratic leaders.

According to Garber, whose Twitter bio touts him as “arguably… the nation’s leading impeachment lawyer,” Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “certainly wary of impeachment,” a statement that is borne out by Pelosi’s own remark last month, as reported by The New York Times. Pelosi said that to embark on impeachment proceedings against Trump is “not worth it.”

“Pelosi and Nadler have tamped down impeachment talk,” Garber wrote on his Twitter account, saying that Democrats are “focused on 2020,” and that an impeachment proceeding could result in “mobilizing Trump’s base.”

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A Mueller report showing criminal behavior by Donald trump could hurt Democrats, a CNN pundit reasons.Featured image credit: Ethan MillerGetty Images

But if the Mueller report shows that Trump engaged in serious “misconduct,” Pelosi and the Democrats would feel “pressure” to make moves toward impeachment, Garber reasoned.

Other Twitter users, however, were taken aback by the CNN legal expert’s argument.

Another Twitter user was reminded of comments made in 2008 by another pundit, Mark Halperin. Republican nominee John McCain, in the midst of a national financial crisis, revealed in an interview that he owned so many houses that he couldn’t remember the exact number. But Halperin said that gaffe was good news — for McCain. The Halperin comments are preserved online via YouTube.

Another Twitter user envisioned Garber in the near future saying, “If a Democrat wins the White House, it will be a DISASTER for the Democrats.”

“Only Monday, but this week’s ‘Worst Take of the Week’ award is already sewn up here,” said another user on Twitter.

At the same time as Garber was speculating that release of the Mueller report may spell disaster for Democrats, reports also emerged that Trump and his team were growing increasingly fearful of what the report might actually contain, according to MSNBC.

Trump himself initially supported releasing the full report, which he had called “great… could not have been better,” per MSNBC. But as of last week, Trump now says that calls to release the report are “a disgrace,” per CNN via Twitter.