‘General Hospital’ Star Michelle Stafford Defends Her Work As Viewers Voice Frustration Over Nina’s Antics

Todd WawrychukABC

Michelle Stafford has been front-and-center lately on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that there are some big scenes featuring her on the horizon. Viewers have had a lot to say about what her character of Nina Reeves has been doing lately and it looks like some recent social media chatter prompted the actress to speak out and defend both her work and that of the show’s writers.

As viewers saw last week, Nina and Valentin went all-out in trying to get Charlotte’s teacher Willow fired. Nina has been increasingly adamant that Willow is the problem in the classroom, not Charlotte, and some fans think she has crossed a line.

After Friday’s episode aired, Stafford took to her Twitter page to address all of the passionate posts that have been flying around among General Hospital fans. Fans have been vocal on Twitter in saying that these antics by Nina, with Valentin’s backing, are going too far, and some are frustrated that Nina is being written this way.

Of course, many fans are also quite convinced that it will soon be uncovered that Willow is actually Nina’s biological daughter. Given that, it seems that the writers are going the extra mile in generating conflict between the two women to set the stage for a truly tricky reunion between them when they both learn of their biological connection.

As one person on Twitter noted, “Nina’s gonna feel like a real A** when it’s finally revealed that Willow is her REAL daughter. Valentin AND Sasha should be really afraid! #GH”

Current and former teachers are being quite vocal on Twitter, with one noting, “I’m a retired teacher. These scenes of Nina bullying Willow are so accurate that I’m getting jaw and stomach pain.”

As The Inquisitr recently shared, it has been reported that Stafford is soon leaving General Hospital and returning to The Young and the Restless. Rumors are swirling regarding what will happen with the character of Nina, as it’s not known yet whether the show will recast or just write Nina off the canvas.

If the writers want fans to root for Nina to just disappear, some fans on Twitter suggest that the plan is working.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this storyline will really heat up in the coming days. It is not known yet when Stafford is departing, but it seems likely to be coming soon.

Viewers will be anxious to find out whether the show is bringing someone new in to take over as Nina. From the looks of social media, everybody is ready to see this bombshell about Willow and Nina’s connection be revealed already.

Is this twist coming soon enough that it’s Michelle Stafford’s work people will see? Whether people are loving or hating the way the character is being written right now, fans would likely be disappointed to not see this General Hospital bombshell drop while this actress is still in the role.