‘One Piece’ Episode 879 Spoilers: Shanks, Blackbeard, Big Mom, And Kaido React To Emperor Luffy’s New Bounty

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One Piece Episode 879 started with Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy crying over his new bounty. Luffy informed his crewmates – Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Vinsmoke Sanji, Brook, and Carrot – that his bounty decreased to 150 million berries. All the Strawhat Pirates had no idea why their captain’s bounty went down.

Nami was happy at first since bounty hunters and navy officers would no longer go after Luffy’s head. However, Brook told her that Luffy’s new bounty will affect their reputation as pirates. Meanwhile, though his bounty increased to 330 million berries, Sanji isn’t happy. He knew that the reason why the World Government gave him a bigger bounty because of his link to the Germa 66.

One Piece Episode 879 later revealed that Luffy’s real bounty didn’t really decrease to 150 million berries. After looking closely at the wanted poster, Brook told them that Luffy’s head is now worth 1.5 billion berries. Everyone on the Thousand Sunny was shocked by Brook’s revelation, including Luffy himself.

The latest episode of One Piece also featured the reactions of the Four Emperors of the Sea – Big Mom, Shanks, Blackbeard, and Kaido – to Luffy’s new bounty and title. Along with the 1.5 billion berries on his head, the news also declared Luffy as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. An angry Kaido was wondering why Luffy decided to mess with Big Mom after destroying his SMILE factory and defeating one of his strong allies, former Warlord Donquixote Doflamingo.

Emperor Big Mom was also furious at the news that said that Luffy defeated her when they infiltrated Whole Cake Island. Charlotte Mont-d’Or told Big Mom that Morgans could be the one behind the fake news. Morgans, who is the president of the World Economic Journal and one of the emperors of the Underworld, attended the wedding between Charlotte Pudding and witnessed everything that happened at Whole Cake Island. However, instead of going after Morgans, Big Mom vowed to have her payback against Strawhat Luffy.

Blackbeard just laughed after seeing the news mentioning Luffy as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. Blackbeard believes that it’s too early for Luffy to have that title. Meanwhile, Shanks was very happy to see Luffy’s new accomplishment, saying that the time that they will meet again will come soon.

One Piece Episode 879 also showed Koby, one of Luffy’s closest friends, who is now serving as a navy captain. Koby saved the ship carrying King Riku, King Elizabello II, Princess Viola, and Princess Rebecca from a pirate attack. After beating the pirates, Koby saw the newspaper mentioning Luffy, his new bounty, and title. Koby can’t hide his emotions, and Princess Rebecca realized that he and Luffy are also close friends.

One Piece Episode 979 featured a flashback of Luffy and Koby, including how they met, how Luffy inspired him to reach for his goal, and how his journey to becoming a navy officer started. Koby is set to accompany King Riku and King Elizabello II to the new Marine Headquarters where all the world leaders will meet.