Three French Siblings Found With Throats Slit, Police Searching For Missing Mother

Three French children were found with their throats slit at their home near Paris Friday, police said. Authorities said they are “actively looking” for the children’s mother, who had gone missing.

According to Global Post, the father, who is a doctor, returned home from work to discover his children — ages nine, 11, and 17 — dead and dying. The two younger children were already dead, with both showing multiple stab wounds, but the oldest was still alive. However, he later died of his injuries.

“The children had their throats slit, but we are still awaiting forensic reports,” a judicial source said.

The murders took place in the town of Dampmart, 19 miles east of Paris. Police closed off the residential street where the children were found. Authorities said the father, who was having marital problems with his wife, was in a state of shock after finding his children.

Investigators said a neighbor called the family “quiet” and said they were “no problem.” The youngest son, the neighbor said, was autistic.

The deaths of the three children come shortly after an incident earlier this month in which a young French mother killed her three children and then herself. The children, all girls aged three and younger, were strangled to death. The woman’s husband had killed herself the week before.

In the US, a Miami father was accused of killing his family and then himself. There were no reports of domestic violence prior to the murders, but the father — Carlos Zuniga — was allegedly struggling with financial problems and depression. Zuniga shot his wife, Michelle, their 14-year-old daughter Lauren and their 11-year-old son Stefan. Stefan died from his wounds, but Michelle and Lauren Zuniga are in critical condition.