Farrah Abraham Dishes On Rumors That She’s Returning To ‘Teen Mom OG’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is opening up about the rumors that she may be returning to Teen Mom OG in the wake of Bristol Palin quitting the MTV reality series.

According to Pop Culture, Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram account on Sunday afternoon to clear up any rumors about her possibly returning to the franchise that started her career when she was a teenager.

Abraham discussed the rumors, and although she refused to call Bristol Palin by name, she did reveal that she doesn’t have any desire to return to the show, especially after she had problems with producers during her time filming the series.

“I guess someone has left Teen Mom OG, the show that I started, 16 and Pregnant way back when. I know you guys all want me to have my own show, but I’m really creating and waiting for the right time for that. And maybe it’s not yet,” Farrah stated.

“I am definitely not ever, probably, coming back to Teen Mom. I have so moved on, and I think it was such a great way to move on. Between all the lies and conspiracies and every other thing that happened when I left Teen Mom — I definitely wasn’t fired, I’ve never been fired,” Abraham added.

Farrah Abraham went on to say that as a single mother she wants to raise her daughter, Sophia, around people who have better ethics, and that just wasn’t happening when she was filming Teen Mom OG, and have spats with her producers and other cast and crew members.

Abraham goes on to say that because of her own issue with the production, she thinks it is best for Bristol to leave the show as well, saying that she completely respects and understands Palin’s decision to quit the show if it wasn’t bringing her balance and happiness in her life.

Bristol announced last week that the show wasn’t a good fit for her, and that it took away the peace she felt. She also claimed that money doesn’t impress her, and that leaving the show is going to allow her to rebuild her family in the right direction.

In the past, Palin and many other of the show’s stars have slammed the series for edits that are unflattering to them, or that make situations seem worse than they really are.

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