Georgia Fowler Dons Shimmery Green Lingerie On Instagram

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Georgia Fowler’s been lighting up her Instagram this past week with a ton of interesting photos, including one where she posed against a blank wall in shimmery, green lingerie. The bra was a simple cut, while the matching bottoms had lacy accents on the front with three straps on the sides. In the middle of the side straps there’s a decorative circular connector. The model wore her hair down, and stood facing her body diagonally to her right. Georgia also played with her hands and looked straight at the camera.

Since then, the model also shared a photo of three Polaroids of herself scattered across a table. The photos showed her with minimal makeup, as she wore her hair down with loose waves at the top and curls at the bottom. Fowler credited photographer Erik Torstensson for the images.

And a week ago, the model showed fans a sneak peek at one of the photoshoots she was a part of. The makeup was very dramatic, as she wore bright blue eyeshadow. The makeup was very thick around her eyes. In addition, the model had a darker blue color makeup splattered over her face and somewhat in her hair. It looked like paint drips. Georgia appeared to be in hair and makeup when the photo was taken, as she only wore a white robe. The captions revealed that the shot was for Vogue, so fans can look forward to seeing more in the coming weeks.

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Speaking of Vogue, Fowler spoke with them in February 2018 and shared some of her personal life.

“My favourite thing about having to travel so much for work is to just drive around city and be able to see different sights. I like taking in the different cultures in the way that people dress differently in different cities, too.”

The model also opened up about why she likes social media, saying that “It’s exciting to be able to have your voice, to show your personality through your social media outputs.”

And it’s true that Fowler takes advantage of social media to share her real self with her fans. She has over 882,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Plus, in terms of her goals, Georgia also shared, “I want to keep busy, keep working. Do my best in everything that I can do and I want to read a book a month. I’d also like to communicate with people more, and not just on social media.”