‘The Young And The Restless’ Casting Shocker: Noemi Gonzalez Out As Mia Rosales


The Rosales family is losing another member. New details about The Young and the Restless casting reveal that Noemi Gonzalez is leaving the show in the coming weeks.

Two weeks ago, The Inquisitr reported that Arturo Rosales actor Jason Canela said his goodbyes on social media. Now, Mia Rosales will leave sometime soon, according to a tweet from the actress.

Gonzalez took to Twitter to apprise her fans of the details. She said that working on Y&R has been a pleasure. The actress wrote, “I have been honored and blessed with the opportunity to embody such a dynamic character on such a special show!” She praised the cast and crew as the hardest working in television. She went on to give a special thanks to her co-stars and on-screen love interest Canela and Jordi Vilasuso who portrays Rey Rosales. Additional thanks went to Marisa Garcia, Kathy Jones, and Patricia Denney.

Most of all, Gonzalez thanked the fans of the iconic soap for allowing her to be part of their stories these last many months. She reported that her alter ego will be in Genoa City wreaking havoc for about another month before Gonzalez goes on to shake things up in new areas. The actress asked fans to stay tuned for what’s to come for her career.

With Arturo and Mia leaving, that only leaves Lola (Sasha Calle) and Rey in Genoa City. Upcoming Y&R spoilers reveal that Mia is pregnant, but the father could either be Rey or Arturo with many fans believing that Arturo is the “lucky” dad to be. Mia originally came to Genoa City last year just as Rey and Sharon (Sharon Case) were getting close. Mia asked Rey to give their marriage another shot after she and Rey’s brother Arturo had an affair.

Rey stepped up and did the right thing. However, Mia continued to want Arturo as well, and eventually, Arturo and Mia slept together again during a blizzard when Sharon and Rey chastely stayed the night in a motel room alone after doing some police business. Once Mia yelled out Arturo’s name during a moment of passion with Rey, he finally gave up on his marriage. Rey ran straight to Sharon, and after an arrest, a murder trial, an escape, and learning that J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) is still alive, they’ve finally begun their romantic relationship.

Because Mia attacked Lola thinking she was Arturo’s then-fiance Abby (Melissa Ordway), there’s a possibility the details will come to light, and Mia could pay the price for her misdeeds.