New Abortion Bill Would Require Florida Minors To Obtain Parental Consent

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Lawmakers around the country have been proposing and voting in more conservative laws regarding abortion, and a new law in Florida would make it tougher for minors to undergo the procedure, WESH2 reports. Currently, less than half of all U.S. states allow minors to obtain an abortion without permission from at least one parent or guardian.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Florida isn’t the only state that has tried to pass restrictive abortion bills this year. Just last month, the Georgia House of Representatives passed a “fetal heartbeat bill,” which prevents pregnant mothers from obtaining an abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. The thing is, since fetal heartbeats can be detected approximately six to seven weeks after conception, and most women don’t realize they are pregnant for roughly the same amount of time, these so-called “fetal heartbeat bills” effectively prevent most women from obtaining an abortion.

Aside from Georgia, a handful of other states (including Minnesota, Maryland, West Virginia, and even Florida) have introduced their own versions of the bill, and per a recent report from The New York Times, the Tennesee House of Representatives passed their own fetal heartbeat legislation on March 7, with a final vote of 93-73, in favor.

As ABC News reports — via the Associated Press— the proposed legislation in Florida would severely impact the lives of Florida teenagers who are looking to discretely obtain an abortion. The outlet recounted the story of one Orlando native, Stephanie Loraine Piñeiro, who first became pregnant after she was raped as a teenager. While she was able to obtain an abortion, she became pregnant again the next year, which she was forced to conceal from her parents. Minors who need to keep their pregnancies private would find themselves between a rock and a hard place if the proposed legislation in Florida passes.

While Florida does not currently require parental permission in order for minors to obtain an abortion, it is one of the few states which mandates that a parent or legal guardian be informed before an abortion takes place. Republican Rep. Erin Grall (of Vero Beach) has introduced a bill that would shift mandated notification to mandated consent. She explained her decision to introduce such legislation.

“It is my belief that parental notification does not go far enough. It does not give parents the opportunity to weigh in the decision that child is making,” Grall said. “I believe that parents have a fundamental right in the upbringing of their children.”

“This really seeks to put the focus back on the family in such an important decision — a decision that cannot be undone.”