Are Jackie Chan And Chris Tucker Teasing ‘Rush Hour 4’?

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

If a cryptic Instagram post is anything to go by, it seems fans won’t have to wait much longer to see Lee and Carter fighting crime on the big screen once more.

As reported by People, the legendary actor and stuntman Jackie Chan recently celebrated his 65th birthday, and one of his oldest friends and co-stars, Chris Tucker, posted a series of pictures online to celebrate the milestone.

The first picture, which fans can find on Chris Tucker’s Instagram profile, is your fairly standard photo of two friends posing for a by-the-numbers pic. In the caption, Tucker penned a heartfelt message to his longtime friend.

“Today is Jackie’s birthday. I want to wish my boy Jackie Chan a Happy Birthday!!” Chris wrote. The picture, which has been live for about six hours, has proved popular with Tucker’s 1.1 million Instagram followers. The endearing snapshot has already racked up over 180,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments. Fans flocked to the comment section to leave birthday messages for one of Hollywood’s most prolific stuntmen.

However, Chris Tucker’s other picture is raising eyebrows and generating buzz around the internet. This photo, which also features Chris and Jackie posing, is a little more cryptic. There is no caption attached, and instead of a standard pose, Chan and Tucker can be seen each holding up four fingers. Unsurprisingly, Rush Hour fans around the world have taken this to mean that a sequel is in the works. This particular photo has also proved popular, racking up over 140,000 likes and 5,000 comments in short order.

Fans were quick to share their excitement, and some posted plenty of references to some of the movies in the franchise.

“let’s put a dead animal on you. crock skin buttercream buttercream crock skin,” one user wrote, referencing a rather humorous scene from Rush Hour 2, wherein actor Jeremy Piven played a rather flamboyant salesman at a high-end fashion store. “Ya’ll better stop playing!! Since Will and Martin are doing bad boys 3 you guys should do rush hour 4!” another user chimed in.

While the Rush Hour franchise proved successful in the late ’90s and early 2000s, it has been out of the spotlight for some time. While the first two films proved to be a hit with critics and fans alike — raking in close to $600 million at the box office — the third installment was not as well-liked and adjusted for inflation, it is the worst-performing movie in the series, both in terms of gross revenue and critical response. The franchise’s TV series was also short-lived — poor ratings and reviews led to CBS canceling the show after just one season. That being said, fans have been clamoring for a fourth film, and it looks like both Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are enthusiastic about the project.