‘The Walking Dead’ Star, Avi Nash, May Have Revealed The Gender Of Rosita’s Baby

Jesse GrantGetty Images

After a brief tryst, it was revealed that Rosita, played by Christian Serratos, is pregnant with Siddiq’s, played by Avi Nash, baby on the AMC’s The Walking Dead. And it seems Nash may have accidentally revealed the gender of his future child while speaking to an audience at Walker Stalker Con London, according to a report from Comic Book.

Nash and his castmates, including Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel, were asked to think about the deaths of their characters. Gilliam said he hopes for a “peaceful, quiet death in his sleep” for his character and Nash responded with his own wish for a future episode.

“I would like my son to come into Father Gabriel’s room,” he said.

The audience immediately began shouting “spoilers,” as it seemed Nash had accidentally given away the undeclared sex of the baby.

“Well, I don’t know, who knows,” he backtracked.

“My son, son or daughter, or you know, whatever they want to be.”

“That’s just, you know…that’s an Arab-Muslim doctor speaking, he wants to have a son,” Nash explained.

“And say goodbye to Father Gabriel, then come say goodbye to me, because I’ll be dying at the same time of a broken heart. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.”

Things are currently a bit complicated for Rosita as she’s pregnant with Siddiq’s child while in a relationship with Father Gabriel, and is also aware that Eugene, played by Josh McDermitt, is also very much in love with her. Showrunner Angela Kang claims the four characters are now entangled in a “love quadrangle.”

McDermitt also commented on his character’s situation, according to a separate report from Comic Book. After a near death experience, Eugene was determined to profess his love to Rosita but things didn’t go according to plan when he learned she was already with child. McDermitt said his character is ready to find someone to love and settle down to build a life.

He pointed out that it might be hard for his character to get over Rosita because Eugene thinks of himself as a necessary part of the quadrangle.

According to the report, Eugene eventually finds love with Stephanie, who turns out to be the radio operator of a new community and possibly the voice that was heard coming over the airwaves during the last few seconds of the Season 9 finale.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for Season 10 this fall.