NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant ‘Ready To Move On’ From Golden State Warriors As He Hits Free Agency


The knock on Kevin Durant before he joined the Golden State Warriors was that for all his talent, the NBA MVP wasn’t able to get over the hump and win an NBA title.

Now that he has joined the Golden State Warriors and has two titles under his belt, Durant is reportedly ready to move on to the next adventure.

According to Bleacher Report, there is a leaguewide consensus that Durant is “ready to move on” from the Warriors once he hits free agency this summer. There had already been widespread reports that Durant would be leaving for a big new contract as the Warriors focused on keeping Klay Thompson instead.

The 30-year-old Durant is considered likely to exercise his player option that will allow him to become a free agent, and there have already been widespread reports that he would be joining the New York Knicks next season, though a number of other teams would reportedly be interested as well.

The Knicks still appear the most likely destination, as the team even traded talented big man Kristaps Porzingis, once believed to be a centerpiece for the team into the future, in a move to free up the space to offer Durant the contract he will most likely garner. This move would allow Durant to be the face of a franchise again — and in the nation’s largest media market, no less — after having played second fiddle to Steph Curry during his stint in Golden State.

A report from the Fansided blog Blue Man Hoop this week noted that there is widespread belief that Durant is looking for a fresh start in New York. Durant’s decision to join the Warriors was widely criticized and Durant was pegged as needing to join a team already built into a powerhouse in order to win a championship. A move to New York could give him a chance to revamp his reputation, the report noted.

“One of the main arguments behind the theories that Durant is going to New York is the fact that KD wants to clean his reputation,” the report noted. “Durant is currently one of the most hated players in the league, but winning with a team like the Knicks could turn him into a hero.”

Whatever might be happening after this season, Kevin Durant has not given any kind of official indication and has put off talk of him jumping into free agency.