‘The Walking Dead’ Stars Talk About ‘Heartbreaking’ Pike Death Scene [SPOILERS]

Jesse GrantGetty Images

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s ninth season delivered an unexpected blow to fans of the series. During the episode, nearly a dozen characters lost their lives after crossing paths with Alpha, played by Samantha Morton. Alpha decided to mark her territory by cutting the heads off her victims, placing the heads on pikes, and arranging them in a line for the remaining members of the group to see on their way back home.

Now, three of The Walking Dead’s stars and pike victims are opening up about the tragic scene, according to a report from Comic Book. While appearing at Walker Stalker Con London, Alanna Masterson, Katelyn Nacon, and Matt Lintz said that the death scene was sudden and “heartbreaking.” Lintz also said that fans have been incredibly supportive after the episode aired.

“I mean, it’s just really heartwarming, because of all the amazing messages we’ve all gotten on social media and here at the convention has been really great,” he said. “As actors and actresses it’s something we want, not to make you cry obviously, but just to convey emotion, it’s been really good.”

The strongest viewer reaction reportedly came as a result of the death of Tara, played by Masterson. Fans criticized the show for making the decision to kill off another openly gay character, especially after the recent death of Jesus, played by Tom Payne.

“I think the same thing, it’s hard — we shot that [pikes scene] so long ago, so you’ve grieved and you’ve let it go, but to be reminded of it when you get here, it’s very heartwarming,” Masterson said.

Lintz again echoed that his death was “very sudden.”

After losing so many characters in the last episode, fans were concerned that there would be more lives lost in the season finale of the show, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

However, that wasn’t the case. During the season finale, the remaining characters had to rally and come together to survive a grueling snowstorm. On their journey, they realized the quickest way to their destination involved passing through land that was marked off by Alpha and her Whisperers. The group ended up taking a vote and decided the risk was worth it. While making their way through the forbidden territory, they were attacked by walkers but luckily, Alpha’s crew was nowhere to be seen.

The episode ended with the group celebrating with snowball fight but it seems there might be trouble in store as viewers see Alpha preparing herself “for what comes next.”

The Walking Dead Season 10 will premiere in October 2019.