Kylie Jenner Pops Deep Cleavage, Pours Out Of Leopard Print Top To Excite Her 131 Million Instagram Fans

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Not restricting herself to simply acting as the face — and body — of Kylie Cosmetics, makeup mogul and reality TV starlet Kylie Jenner is also dead set on seeing her star rise on social media. Frequently taking to popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram to titillate her massive fan base, one numbering 131 million and counting, the brunette beauty can often be seen sharing sexy, sultry snapshots which send hearts aflutter and pulses racing.

In this latest series of snapshots, three shared in close proximity to one another, Kylie is captured while wearing a very revealing leopard print top and short velour miniskirt. With one strap cast off the shoulder in a sensual manner, Kylie Kardashian clutches her well-manicured hands to her chest, drawing attention to the deep cleavage she is offering up. Her ample assets are barely held back by the clinging fabric of the patterned top, and she seems to know as much — shooting a coy, coquettish half-smile at some point beyond the camera lens.

The second picture in this share is even racier, with Kylie shutting her eyes and placing arms akimbo to further showcase her flawless decolletage. Her fair complexion is emphasized by the monochromatic color composition, as are her dark tresses. The short velour skirt seems to ride up ever so slightly, highlighting her toned thighs and slender, supple legs. A slight run in her pantyhose also lends the slightest suggestion of imperfection, somehow making the entire composition even more alluring.

Sporting a nude lip, sculpted brow, and long, luxurious lashes — Kylie also displays her deep makeup knowledge and even deeper confidence.

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when you focus on the good, the good gets better..????✨

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Despite having been posted mere moments ago, as of this writing, the above share has already garnered over 790,000 likes in addition to 4,500-plus comments. Adding a simple axiom to the caption, Kylie was apparently quite content to let her body do the majority of the talking. Her fans seemed to appreciate the effort, responding enthusiastically to her brief message.

“Hey will you be my prom date on the 19th?” one enterprising young fan queried, without any apparent or immediate response.

“Looking awesome you are gorgeous and God gifted,” a second social media fan gushed, followed by a litany of heart-eyed emojis.

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grow through, what you go through????

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Kylie Jenner wasn’t quite done teasing her fans, however — she would go on to share a third image from the same photo shoot a mere three minutes later. Even more popular than the first two snaps, this steamy capture is set to break well over 1 million likes in less than an hour of having been posted.

No matter what one thinks of the famous reality TV family, there is little doubt that Kylie herself has attained global fame and success. According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner recently became the world’s youngest “self-made billionaire,” having overseen a burgeoning cosmetics empire in addition to her television endeavors. The brunette bombshell and savvy businesswoman appears set for a lifetime of luxury, and seems to have earned it.