Aussie ‘Maxim’ Model Natalie Roser Goes Entirely Topless, Titillates Her 1 Million Instagram Followers

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Australian knockout Natalie Roser is certainly no stranger to capturing the hearts and minds of her 1 million Instagram followers, frequently taking to the popular photo and video sharing platform to titillate her audience with sexy snapshots. In a recent share, the blonde bombshell decided to take things to an entirely different level, dropping the top — and the bra — in order to show her most amorous admirers a bit more of herself.

In these two photos, the former Maxim model opts for two very different crops — one an extreme close up, the other capturing only her upper torso. In the first image, much of Natalie’s face is in focus as she gives the camera lens a sultry stare, one index finger raised to her parted lips. To the left of the photographic frame, the gentle swell of her breast begins before being obscured by a soft-focused image in the foreground.

In the second image, one taken from a greater distance, the blonde bombshell’s body is captured in greater detail. Clasping her hands over her breasts in order to censor them in accordance with Instagram’s content guidelines, Natalie nonetheless manages to project a deep sensuality, evoking a sense of erotic confidence. Both images are captured in a high-contrast monochrome, lending an even more seductive feel to the proceedings.

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???? @cameron__mackie

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In the caption attached to the two candid snapshots, Natalie simply gives a shout-out to her photographer, Cameron Mackie. Feeling free to let her wildly enviable feminine figure do the talking for her, Natalie received much acclaim from her fans and followers. The two sexually-charged snapshots attracted over 15,000 likes and 200-plus comments in relatively short order, with the vast majority of the latter being highly complimentary in nature.

“Wow you are very very beautiful and gorgeous,” one fan opined, capping off their comment with a litany of heart emojis and heart-eyed emojis.

“Dazzling and very charming,” a second Instagram user quipped, trailed by a diamond emoji and an okay emoji.

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I have a real soft spot for Miami ????

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Natalie Roser has made headlines most recently for sharing her love for a certain American city. According to the Daily Mail, Roser was recently captured participating in a sun-drenched photo shoot in Miami, Florida — stunning all the while. Resting against a hammock — surrounded by white sand, palm trees, and some slight urban scenery — Natalie made it clear that she was appreciative of her high-profile and the places she had been blessed enough to visit.

No matter whether she’s found on a beach in Florida, California, or in her native Australia — Natalie Roser continues to see her star rise, and her fame grow.