‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brad Gets In Deep With Dawn Of Day, Could Spill Baby Secret To Shiloh

Valerie DurantABC

Dawn of Day has taken over many lives on ABC’s General Hospital, and it seems like half the town has been bamboozled by Shiloh Archer and his group of devoted followers. Kristina is about to be initiated, Margaux Dawson has been taking sessions, and now Brad is about to get sucked into the cult as well.

Brad has been popping stomach medication like it’s candy. With the huge secret he has been keeping about baby Wiley, it looks like an ulcer is at hand. Now, Shiloh has invited Brad to check out Dawn of Day, especially since they have parenting sessions. This appears to be a disaster in the making for him. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Brad will be getting himself in deeper with Shiloh and his cult.

As viewers have seen with Kristina’s experience so far, Shiloh works to get people who are vulnerable to trust him completely. That means he convinces them to tell him their deepest secret that would totally shock people if it should come out. He preys on those who have something in their past that they are running from and uses that secret to manipulate them and make them do whatever he wants. Needless to say, Brad has a huge secret to tell that would affect many people in Port Charles.

If he should reveal the baby switch to Shiloh, the Dawn of Day leader would have quite a bit of leverage to use against him to keep Brad from defecting. That would certainly mean that Wiley would be in Shiloh’s clutches. It was recently revealed on General Hospital that he seeks out parents — especially single parents — so that he can program their young children to be future leaders of Dawn of Day.

In addition, Brad could tell Shiloh that Willow Tait is Wiley’s birth mother and that her real baby is actually dead. It appears that this could be how the baby switch secret all comes out in the end. Shiloh will then know that Willow was pregnant with his baby, and never told him.

Will Brad really spill his deepest, darkest secret to Shiloh? Maybe Jason will take the Dawn of Day leader down before Brad has a chance to say anything. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that by next week, Jason will know that Brad is getting deeper into the cult that he is desperately trying to free Kristina from.

Port Charles first got fooled by Ryan Chamberlain impersonating his twin brother Kevin Collins, and now they are getting sucked in by the likes of Shiloh Archer. What’s next? Stay tuned to see if Brad spills his guts to Shiloh on General Hospital.