R. Kelly Is Asking For Mercy From The Media

Nuccio DiNuzzo Getty Images

R. Kelly has been torn apart by the media in recent months and for obvious reason. In February, he was charged in Chicago with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. The charges came after several women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault. In addition, a video surfaced showing the R&B singer allegedly having sex with a minor. He was taken into custody on two different occasions over the time span of two weeks. His first stint in jail was for the abuse allegations and the second time was for failure to pay child support, according to TMZ.

It was later revealed that a fan of Kelly’s paid his bail. Since then, Kelly has claimed he’s nearly out of money and has struggled to get work due to his disgraced reputation. In addition, there have been calls to boycott his music in wake of the allegations against him. On Saturday, Kelly was scheduled to appear at a paid event in Springfield, Illinois. He begged the media to have mercy on him.

Kelly posted an Instagram video explaining his plans for the evening and asking the media to hold back for the night. He emphasized that attending this party is what he has to do to make money right now, given the current circumstances and his supposedly empty pockets.

“I got an event to do in Springfield, Illinois so I want the media to take it easy on me, man. This is how I got to get paid now, for right now. So I gotta go do this event and it’s a party. So when you see me in the club with a couple of drinks in my hand and chilling, please…take it easy. I appreciate it y’all, thanks.”

Given that Kelly is in the midst of a serious criminal case with a lot at stake, it appears that he is trying to get ahead of the tabloids who are likely to be all over his scheduled appearance. Just as the media has trailed him since the initial release of the allegations, he knows that Saturday evening will probably not be any different. Nevertheless, he wants to make it clear that his primary motivation behind attending the event is to collect some much needed funds.

In March, Kelly sat down with CBS journalist Gayle King to profess his innocence on live television, according to NBC News.

“I didn’t do this stuff,” he told King.