‘Playboy’ Model Joy Corrigan Dances In Leather Daisy Dukes On Instagram

Joe ScarnicGetty Images

Playboy model Joy Corrigan is getting sexy on social media.

On Saturday, Joy Corrigan posted a racy video of herself to Instagram wearing a pair of short shorts as she danced around while playing rap music in the background.

Corrigan is seen sporting a pair of super short leather daisy dukes and a white, crew neck FILA sweatshirt. She has her blonde hair styled in loose waves, which she tousles during her sexy dance moves.

Joy wears a natural makeup look, including pink blush and pink color on her lips. Her lean legs are on full display, and she rocks a pair of large, gold hoop earrings, a ring on her finger, and a pair of purple-tinted sunglasses over her eyes.

The Playboy model turns around during her dance to give the camera, and her hundreds of thousands of followers, a peek at her curvy backside.

In the caption of the social media post, Joy jokes that the thug life chose her. In the background of the video while Corrigan is dancing, lots of white walls are seen, as well as some bedroom furniture, giving off the appearance that the model may be in a hotel room. She also revealed her location to be in New York City.

As previously reported by The Inqusitr, Joy Corrigan is a woman who knows what she wants. During a telling interview with Maxim Magazine, the Playboy model revealed she has some big ideas when it comes to the kind of relationship she wants to be in, revealing that she wants a man who takes care of himself and values his family above all.

“Family is also very important to me, so if he has strong family values, he’s a keeper. For me healthy equals sexy, so a guy who takes care of his body by eating healthy and working out is super attractive,” Joy stated of her ideal man.

“If I’m dating someone, one of my favorite ways to connect is through a competitive activity — whether it’s boxing, chess, or a cook-off of our favorite dish,” Joy confessed.

Corrigan went on to tell the magazine that she knows what she wants and believes that women can easily make the first move on men, if they want to, that is. She also admits that she feels the sexiest after a hard workout session, and a quick shower.

Fans can see more of Joy Corrigan by following her on Instagram.