‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Rick Shuts Down Wardog’s Proposal

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As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren were left to scramble as they returned from last week’s Survivor: Edge of Extinction tribal council. Not only did Kama have the numbers, but they made it clear during the vote they were happy to take Rick Devins and his ride-or-die, David Wright, under their wings.

In true Wardog fashion that he has displayed all season, the castaway wasn’t willing to just give up and throw in the towel because numbers were not on his side.

First, he went with the easiest and most logical option and reached out to Rick Devens to try to mend the fences. Wardog wanted to point out the fact that it didn’t make sense to go join the Kama alliance because he and David would just be at the bottom.

Initially, Rick made it seem like he was super into the conversation as he agreed and said he knew he could trust Wardog and the other Lesu tribe members. He, however, quickly clued Wardog into the fact that he was just being sarcastic with him.

Devens reminded Wardog that they just voted him out a few weeks ago and were quick to throw him under the bus to save themselves last week. Rick informed Wardog there was no way he would ever be able to work with him, Lauren, or Kelley, as he could never find a way to trust them after the way they left him out to dry the last few weeks.

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While Wardog seemed stunned that Devens was not willing to listen to his idea for a game plan moving forward, fans of the series quickly took to Twitter to gush over the way Rick responded.

Many praised Rick for standing up to Wardog and telling him the truth about the way he was feeling.

There are, however, a few fans of the series who have taken issue with the way Devens decided to play the game as they believe he shouldn’t have been so honest.

After Rick shut down any ideas of working with old tribe mates, Wardog was forced to start talking to other Kama members to see if he could find cracks he could use to squeeze his foot in the door.

During this week’s tribal council, Rick was not shy about continuing to voice his feelings toward his former tribe mates regarding lack of trust and refusal to work with them.

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