Castaways Endure Another Blindside In This Week's 'Survivor' Episode

As those who have kept current on Survivor: Edge of Extinction know, this has been an intense season of blindsides. With four returning players sprinkled in with a bunch of fresh castaways who have never played before, the newbies quickly decided to blindside returning players was the easiest way to kick them out of the game.

A few episodes ago, Aubry was blindsided by the Kama tribe after Victoria convinced her that they were interested in exploring a female alliance so they could go after Ron and Eric.

Victoria had Aubry eating out of the palm of her hand and she was evicted from the game with multiple advantages in her pocket because of it.

Joe – another returning player – was also blindsided by his own tribe who he believed would keep him safe while they continued to pick off former Lesu tribe members. The former castaway felt so secure in his position on the camp that he spent the week painting pictures instead of talking to anyone or making decisions on how to vote.

His former Kama tribe decided he was too much of a threat during competitions and voted him out after he lost an immunity challenge.

Joe, like Aubry, never saw the vote coming.

Kelley and David are the only two returning players in the game. Both have had votes cast for them on multiple occasions. While there have been a few tribal councils where the idea of voting off Kelley has been tossed around, David has managed to fly under the radar thus far this season. Many of his fellow castaways admit to not seeing him as much of a threat because he has the strength of a female player.

Instead of a returning player, it was one of the members of the former Kama tribe that was blindsided during this week's episode.

Jeff Probst extinguishes Eric Hafemanns torch at Tribal Council
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After a conversation with Wardog and Eric, Julia realized Eric and Ron were pulling Rick and David in as extra game pieces in their back pockets. She knew it was only a matter of time before only the Kama members remained and Rick and David would suddenly become the most powerful players as everyone would want their votes.

Julia quickly started talking to Gavin and Victoria about what she had discovered so they could consider making a move on Eric and Ron before it is too late. While Victoria seemed to be unsure of whether it was the right time, the majority seemed to agree with Julia as Eric was blindsided during this week's tribal council.