'Survivor' Spoilers: Ron Clark Claims Title Of 'Puppet Master'

This week's episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction was titled "I am the Puppet Master," which ended up being a reference to former Kama member, Ron Clark.

During a confessional, Ron referred to himself as the "puppet master" of the game this season.

As The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reminds us, those who have watched past seasons of Survivor recall any player developing that large of an ego doesn't usually go well for the player. In most cases, the individual becomes so comfortable and confident in the way they are controlling the game that others are able to catch on and blindside them without them even seeing it coming.

Fortunately for Clark, his former tribe mates made the decision to go after Eric instead of going after him in this week's episode. While Ron has openly admitted to being the one pulling the string, the former Kama members knew he and Eric had some sort of final two deal. Eric posed slightly more of a physical threat in challenges, so going after him first made more sense to the castaways.

Ron and Eric were hit with a huge blindside during tribal council as they had done most of the talking for the merged tribe and the former Kama members.

Eric and Ron insisted the tribe was "Kama strong" and the vote was decided by them sitting down and deciding which Lesu members made sense to keep and which ones should be voted out.

When they were alone during the episode, Ron and Eric discussed the importance of keeping Rick and David as they would make great game pieces in their back pocket after the rest of the former Lesu tribe members were voted out.

Ron Clark on the eighth episode of SURVIVOR
CBS Entertainment | Robert Voets

During the episode, Ron also explained why he and Eric were careful to keep bringing up making it to the milestone in the game where you get to spend time with your loved ones.

The duo believed this was a technique they were using to manipulate the rest of their former Kama mates, so they did not even think about trying to turn the game around and pulling in any of the remaining Lesu members.

After Julia had a conversation with Wardog, she tested the theory during a conversation with Eric only to realize the duo were keeping Devens and Wright for strategic reasons.

Many fans of the CBS series took to Twitter to appreciate the irony of Ron being blindsided in the same episode he referred to himself as the puppet master in.
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