'Playboy' Model Shauna Sexton Dons A Leopard-Print Bikini On Instagram

Playboy model Shauna Sexton shared a new bikini pic with her Instagram fans. The photo shows her wearing a leopard-print bikini, as she pulled her hair back with a middle part and rocked oversized sunglasses. The model stood by a pool, and stood facing the camera. Her last bikini photo was posted in mid-March. That photo showed her having fun at the beach in Malibu, California. She stood in the sand with her back toward the camera, and wore a thong-cut bikini. Shauna wore large sunglasses then too, but had her hair down with a heavy right part.

And a couple of days ago, the model shared a heartfelt post dedicated to her dog for his birthday.

"Two cross country road trips, countless moves, a lot of ups, and even more downs. There are just too many pictures attached to memories, and I like to think this about sums it up. Happy Birthday Otis, my whole world begins and ends with you. You will never know how much you impact my life. You're the best d*mn thing that ever happened to me."
It's no surprise that she has a deep connection with her dog. After all, she's a veterinary technician.
Prior to that, Sexton took a moment to thank her dad for everything he's done for her. She shared a couple of photos of the two sitting together. The model appeared to be wearing her work clothes, while her dad wore a plaid, button-up shirt.
"Thanks for doing my hair every morning before school, never missing a soccer game, not allowing me to indulge in artificial flavors or colors, challenging my thinking while encouraging me to remain unapologetically who I am at all times..."
In addition, Shauna's stories reveal that she's been having a good time going out with friends lately. Her friend, Dana, is often featured in her photos and videos. She also shared a couple of different photos from the same day the bikini photos were taken. This included a shot of her booty as she stood next to a friend. Sexton also posted a video of herself in the same ensemble, as she held a large weight in her right hand. She bit a blue cup at the same time as she did squats and lunges, which her friends thought was hilarious.

It's unknown whether the model has a significant other at this time. There was a lot of drama last summer when she was reportedly Ben Affleck's girlfriend briefly. A lot of the speculation surrounded the model's partying habits, since the actor was in rehab due to his alcohol addiction problems. But now that she's no longer linked to him, Shauna can once again enjoy her parties and hanging out with friends without criticism.